Tip Refill System

  • Tip Refill System
    Catalogue No. Description Volume Qty./Pack
    RFL-300-C P2/P10 Gilson-style tip 0.5-10 µl 2 stacks of 5 inserts
    RFL-222-C Universal-fit, graduated, clear tip 1-200 µl 2 stacks of 5 inserts
    RFL-R Empty racks/lid 10 racks
    RFL-1200-C Universal-fit-graduated-clear tip 1200 µl 8X96 tips
    RFL-R-1200 Empty Racks/lid 30 racks
    PC-400-C-R Polycarbonate Tube rack, Ultra micro tips 10 µl 1000tips/pack
    PC-300-C-R Polycarbonate Tube rack, MicroVolume tips 10 µl 1000tips/pack
    PC-200-Y-R Polycarbonate Tube rack, Bevelled tips 200 µl 1000tips/pack