Meticulous attention to detail along mechanical and optical design vectors means each LABOMED microscope adheres to today’s most demanding of both budding as well as professional microscopists.  Careful attention is given to the industrial design of each microscope, factoring in market feedback gathered through extensive survey, analysis, and factoring in technological innovations. The result – a responsive microscope that not only performs exquisitely, but also appears to have been custom designed for modern science environments.

From entry level to advanced digital imaging devices, LABOMED delivers high-precision solutions that will meet and exceed macro-viewing application requirments. A modular portfolio ensures that our microscopes will adapt to evolving customer needs. Insert Image of Luxeo 4Z and 4D against blue backdrop.

Backed by over 60 years of manufacturing excellence and the most inclusive manufacturers guarantees around, customers of LABOMED products can delight in the fact their microscopes hold the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.