Prima DNT

Prima DNT

At LABOMED, harmony in all our concepts has always been the guiding principle when designing new products.

Staying true to this philosophy, we proudly introduce a new dimension in performance, flexibility and economy in diagnostics and surgery – the PRIMA series. Each microscope is built to perform under the most demanding of clinical and hospital environments. The PRIMA series offers an array of configurations to address all needs in dental.

 Combining superb optical performance with modern style  and ergonomics, PRIMA is  task master for your microscopy needs in diagnostics and surgery. PRIMA is a multi-talented system that can be easily configured for use where patients are to be supine or seated in an examination chair. Regions of interest come into sharp focus through our meticulously designed apochromatic optical system. Preconfigured systems can be further customized or extended with a host of accessories to suit your individual needs.

 The PRIMA series is one of the first in diagnostic microscopy to introduce a suite of products equipped with an integrated LED (light emitting diode) illumination system capable of providing a measure of light intensity that is both bright and cool enough to address a host of diverse applications. This is made possible through innovation in illumination design.





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Stand Heavy weight H-shape base on lockable castor wheels.  Swivel arm mounted on pillar.
Binocular Tube Ergonomic tilting head 0-210° , f = 170mm focal length
APOchromatic Magnichanger 0.4x,0.63x,1.0x,1.6x & 2.5x
Eyepiece WF 10x/18mm with eye guards
Common Main Objective (CMO)
f = 250mm with manual fine focus
Light Source 50W LED, upto 60,000 hours of LED lamp life
Built-in-Filters Green & Yellow
Vertical Movement
Points of Articulation Swivel, Suspension (XYZ), Coupler, Carrier, Microscope.  All points of articulation are lockable.
Microscope Mount 120° coupler and Dental carrier