Prima ENT

Prima ENT

PRIMA ENT microscope systems offer a brand new dimension in performance, flexibility and economy in diagnostics and surgery. PRIMA packs a high level of performance in its small package. Its compact design is tailored to optimize use of limited operating room space. From outpatient clinics to surgeries, PRIMA offers flexibility and performacne to serve every clinical requirement in the field of ENT.

 The LABOMED Prima series is one of the first in diagnostic microscopy to introduce a suite fo products equipped with an integrated LED (light emitting diode) illumination system capable of providing a measure of light intensity that is both bright and cool enough to address a host of diverse applications. This is made possible through innovation in illumination design.

 PRIMA incorporates a highly efficient 50W LED coupled with a patented optical design and a 6mm fiber-optic cable that come together to deliver a cool light with lumens equivalent to a 150W halogen bulb. The LED switches off automatically when the suspension arm is moved to its top-most, or park position. A rotary potentiometer control is conveniently located above the observation head to rovide smooth, flicker-free variation in illumination intensity.










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Binocular Tube Straight, f = 170mm focal length
Apochromatic Magnichanger 0.4x,0.63x,1.0x,1.6x & 2.5x
Eyepiece WF 10x/16mm with eye guards
Objectives f = 250mm manual fine focus
Light Source 27W LED
Built-in-Filters Green & Yellow
Vertical Movement of Arm 600mm
Microscope Carriers 120° ENT carrier
Accessories Assistoscope, Xpert Vu Camera Module, Double Beam splitter, 0-210° tiltable ergo tube, eyepiece WF 12.5x/16mm