Prima OPH

Prima OPH

No matter how simple or complex the application, each PRIMA configuration excels in offering the greatest value to physicians and specialists alike.  With a range of high-performance motorized as well as ergonomic accessories that are built to last, your PRIMA operating microscope can be enhanced to meet all of your desires as well as your budget.

PRIMA OPH configured with XYZ motorized movement operated through a comfortable foot control, a very effective red-reflex co-axial illumination and a 150W halogen light source makes it ideal for cataract and retinal surgeries.
With a powerful selection of digital and analog cameras available for the PRIMA series, documenting your observations, archiving records, and sharing information with colleagues never felt so simple.

With the use of table, wall, and ceiling mounts, our line-up of microscopes can be adapted to a platform that best fits your functional space requirements. And our line doesn’t stop at what you see here.  LABOMED carries a diverse set of tools to further compliment your medical diagnostic imaging needs.






Download: Prima OPH Brochure 



Stand Heavy weight H-shape base on lockable castor wheels.  Swivel arm mounted on pillar.
Binocular Tube Inclined, f = 170mm focal length
APOchromatic Magnichanger 0.4x,0.63x,1.0x,1.6x & 2.5x
Eyepiece WF 10x/16mm with eye guards
Common Main Objective (CMO)
f = 200mm with motorized fine focus
Light Source 15V150W Halogen with dual bulb change mechanism
Built-in-Filters Green & Blue
Vertical Movement
Points of Articulation Swivel, Suspension (XYZ), Microscope.  All points of articulation are lockable.
Microscope Mount Motorized carrier