Xpert SL40/SL45

Xpert SL45Xpert SL45 offers the best investigation tool for ophthalmology. A must for every ophthalmologists, the SL45 has a combination of 3 step magnification with wide field eyepieces.

 Add on such the Goldman tonometer, video imaging system and image archiving software, makes the SL45 best companion in Glucoma investigations and archiving the progration.












Download: Xpert SL40/SL45 Brochure



Optical System Galilean type, APOchromatic
Binocular Tube Convergent Binocular Tubes, IPD
range 48.5 – 80mm, dioptric adjustment ± 6 mm
Magnichanger 10x, 16x, 25x
Eyepiece High Eyepoint WF 12.5x/16mm with eye guards
Slit Width
Slit Length
Slit Apertures
0.3, 5.5, 9, 14mm
Slit Rotation
0° – 180°
Slit Inclination
0° – 20°
Microscope Mount 120° coupler and OB/GYN carrier
Longitudinal (in/out) 90mm
Lateral (left/right) 100mm
Vertical (up/down) 30mm (Joystick control)
Chin Rest Range 80mm
illumination 6v30w
Table Base Dimension 465mm x 350mm
Filters Red free, cobalt blue, heat absorbing
Fixation Target LED
Electronics 110V – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Weight 25kg