Labomed OPTI CX


Download: OPTI CX Brochure 



Stand Stable stand with convenient location of focus control
Viewing Bodies Binocular 40°, inclined, 360° rotatable,both eyepiece focusable,Adjustable interpupillary distance adjustable from 54 to 74mm
Eyepiece WF 10x(FN 18mm)with eyeguard
Objectives EP series 4x, 10x, 40x(SL) and 100X(SL,Oil)Semi Plan Achromatic objectives
Mechanical stage Rectangular 135 x 102mm stage. Cross travel 75x50mm, Coaxial control
Condenser Sub-stage ABBE-type condenser with aspheric lens N.. 1.25 on rack and pinion movement
Focusing Co-axial coarse and fine focusing mechanism system on ball bearing guide-ways. Tension adjustment ring and auto focus provided
Illumination With intensity regulator device
Turret quadruple nose piece on ball bearing precisely parfocal and parcentered
Electricals Suitable for 220-240Volts A/C
Optional accessories Polarizing Kitt,Phase Contrast Kit, Dark Field Condenser, Trinocular viewing Head with Digital Camera,Measuring Eye Piece