• Manual Pipettes

    Thermo Scientific Finnpipette F1 Pipettes delivers light, smooth pipetting action with patented anti-microbial surface, soft-touch tip ejection for maximum user comfort and an easy “set and forget” lock mechanism that allows simple volume adjustment

    Thermo Scientific Finnpipette F2 Pipettes offers superior comfort, performance, reliability and repeatability with an Advanced Volume Gearing mechanism (AVG) which ensures a high level of accuracy and precision and a large Ergovisio display that is always visible and easy to read

    All pipettes are available in Single channel, Multi channel as well as Fixed and Variable volumes.

  • Electronic Pipettes

    Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus Pipette combines simplicity, comfort and functionality in an exceptionally intuitive, ergonomic design. Novus Multichannel speeds up repetitive dispensing into microplates with 8-, 12- or 16-channel formats

    Thermo Scientific Matrix Equalizer Electronic Multichannel Pipettecombines intuitive step-based programming with superior ergonomic design to provide power and flexibility for enhancing pipetting applications. It provides adjustable tip spacing which allows you to transfer multiple samples between any tube rack, microplate, and/or horizontal gel box,

  • Others Pipettes

    hermo Scientific Finnpipette Dispensers - the best tool for ensuring the safety of the user even when handling aggressive liquids with the help of a ceramic piston and graduated gauge. Six models are available covering all volumes between 0.2 and 60ml

    Thermo Scientific S1 Pipet Filler is a lightweight, cordless pipet filler that allows longer, fatigue-free pipetting—for use with graduated and volumetric glass and plastic serological pipettes

  • Finntips

    • Thermo Scientific Finntips along with Thermo ScientificFinnpipettes ensure optimum performance
    • Can be used with most other pipette brands
    • Fully autoclavable
    • Extensive product range
    • Available in Racks (sterile and non-sterile), bags and refill packs
    • All tips are DNAse, RNAse and Endotoxin free

  • Aerosol Resistant Tips (ART)

    • 100% Protection Against Carry Over Contamination : ART self-sealing barriers actually trap contaminants.
    • Patented Technology : Carboxymethlycellulose (CMC) impregnated self-sealing barrier with 40-45 micron filter pore size
    • Widely Compatible : Over 30 styles of ART tips for every pipette including Low Retention, Gel Loading, Wide Bore, REACH and Solvent- Safe Tips.
    • PCR Tested—Certified Pure : Certified RNase, RNase, DNA and pyrogen free with Lot specific traceability

  • Hydrologix (HLT) Tips

    • Low Retention tips
    • Gel loading tips
    • REACH tips
    • Wide bore tips

  • Labtips - Tips and MCTs

    Labtip Microtips:

    • Manufactured in ISO 9001-2008 accredited facility
    • Moulded from virgin polypropylene (USP Class-VI resins)
    • Undergone over five quality tests and certified DNase/RNase and Pyrogen- free
    • Universal Fit and compatible with most pipettes and racks
    • Packed in tamper-proof zip locks within unit boxes
    • Available in range of 0.2-10ul, 20-200ul (Yellow) and 200-1000ul (Blue) in colored, clear and graduated options

    Labtip Microcentrifuge Tubes:

    • Available in 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml
    • Equipped with an easy lock-and-open mechanism
    • Tested to extreme conditions greater than 30,000xG

  • Micro Centrifuge Tubes

    • Conical MCTs with Safelock caps Available in graduated 0.6ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml
    • Conical MCTs with screwcaps Available in graduated 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml
    • Free standing MCTs with screwcaps Available in graduated 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml
    • Amber MCTs – for light sensitive applications

  • PCR Products

    PCR Tubes and Strips

    • PCR tubes feature thin walls for optimal heat transfer and caps that seal securely to minimize evaporation.

    PCR Plates

    • Molded from 100% virgin polypropylene
    • Thin wall design and elevated well rims ensure uniform sealing across the plate
    • Broadly compatible with today’s thermal cyclers and automated workstations
    • Packaged to remain contamination-free

  • Surface Decontaminants

    • DNA Away™ and Rnase Away™ are used to clean laboratory instruments and surfaces in order to avoid nuclease and nucleic acid contamination
    • Available in the form of spray bottles and wipes

  • Tube Racks

    • Cryogenic racks with lids : 9×9 matrix rack for 0.5,1.5 and 2ml cryovials
    • 4 way Flipper™ racks : 4 50ml tubes,12 15ml tubes, 32 1.5/2ml MCTs, 32 0.5ml microtubes
    • Reversible Microtube rack : Holds 0.2ml and 0.5ml PCR tubes on either side
    • Flipstrip™ microtube racks with lids : Holds 12 1.5ml tubes,12 8-strips PCR tubes of 0.2ml, 96 0.5ml tubes